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About our Company

RAED Technologies & Innovation Center provides integrated services and consulting for businesses and infrastructure development in order to fulfill the needs of our customers through benefiting from the latest information and communication technology. Our primary goal is to support our customers to improve their performance, develop their projects and achieve their business goals. RAED targets wide range of markets including human development, infrastructure consulting and development, ICT solutions and services to private and public sectors. We look forward to pioneer in the field of ICT, Infrastructure consultation and services in the region and the world.

As a dedicated team of professionals, we shall add value to our clients in delivering reliable and high quality products and solutions by using the best technologies, processes and standards.

We aim to become world-class trusted ICT solutions provider and community builder in the fields of ICT and Infrastructure development.

Our company complies with the best practices and ethics in all of our operations. Integrity, Quality and Teamwork are among our core values that help us remain the leaders of the ICT Industry and offer top-notch Solutions.





We have competent developers with vast expertise in programming languages , platforms and techniques. We can develop the right solution for you regardless of the technology used.